Top Tips selling your property in 2017


Selling your property can be stressful but there is ways to make this a simple and successful process.

Please read our tip below;

  • Declutter your home so its clean and tidy, put all old toys away, or any personal belongings you don’t need any more or put it in storage. You don’t want your home to feel impersonal but you do want the buyer envisage themselves living in your home.
  • Give your house a lick of paint –this is the quickest and simplest way to make your home feel new again, you may love your living room that is painted red but buyers tend to go for paler colours, so if your house is brighter than Blackpool illuminations opt for neutral colours, this also makes the room look larger too.
  • Clean up – If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned your windows now is the time to clean them inside and out, also get rid of any mould in the bathroom or the kitchen, mould and condensation will put buyers off as they’ll worry about dampness.
  • If you want to create space and make your room look bigger, put up some wall mirrors, these work especially well in a dark corridors or a small living room.
  • Make sure your house smells nice – If you smoke, giving your house a paint will get rid of a lot stale smells, but also try and get rid of furniture that is embedded with cigarette smells or pet smells, also clean anything you feel is creating a bad smell, bins and drains etc. if you want to create a homely feel, you could perhaps brew some fresh coffee when you have your viewings.
  • Give your house a homely feel– Add flowers to make the place look homely or a bowl or fruit and make sure the windows have curtains or blinds up this is more homely than bare widows.
  • Make sure the room is bright – if you are selling this Winter, make sure you put the lights on so the rooms don’t look dark and make sure you have the heating on so the house is nice and warm when people are viewing.
  • Try and book all viewing on the same day, from our experience in selling properties we find this has the best result also it allows you to plan your viewings and also making sure the house prepared, this also creates urgency as prospective buyers don’t want to miss out on the property if they know a few other people are viewing it at the same time!!

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