Buying Advice

Buying Advice

Jack Harvey’s long standing local knowledge means just that – we are part of the local community. We can give you instant advice on the types of properties to suit your needs, desires and budgets. We work together with Financial Advisors who will assist you with finding the mortgage that is right for you. We can also recommend solicitors should you want us to so one call to Jack Harvey can deal with all your needs.

Dealing with offers

Before a potential buyer makes an offer on your property, they will consider a lot of factors: How close is the property to their ideal? How does the price compare to other options they have? How much money do they have available? Will someone else make a better offer? How much pressure are they under from their own chain? What schools and other amenities are in the near vicinity.

All buyers are different and their offers need to be considered on their merit and given your own changing circumstances. A quick offer at the full asking price does not necessarily mean the house is under-priced, any more than offers at much lower prices mean it is over-priced – they are all just balances of many changing factors.

Surveys and price negotiations

The buyer will have a survey of some sort done and this often brings up issues that have not been considered previously – whether they are major problems or just minor issues. There will usually be some discussion about whether the financial impact of these matters was included in the original offer or not.

The seller will take the position that the house was “sold as seen”, whereas the buyer will say that the offer was made on the basis that the house was “perfect”. In practice, both sides will need to be flexible to come to a mutually acceptable position.

The other thing happening at this time is solicitors preparing detailed schedules of what is and what is not included in the price and that can also bring out problems. If the lovely garden shed or expensive curtains that the buyer thought were included are actually being removed by the seller, there will need to be a discussion!

The estate agent can be a great help at this stage by being in the middle of the discussions and avoiding them becoming personal issues for the buyer and seller. They are really just clarifications of the position as more information becomes available and have to be resolved if the sale is to complete.

This is the stage at which things become difficult and may fall apart, particularly when the difficulties are multiplied by the number of stages in the chain and made worse by time getting short and tempers getting frayed! A lot of the problems can be avoided by being open and clear from the start about any potential problems with the property and exactly what is included in the sale price.

Getting the deal completed

The key stages for the seller’s solicitor are: Once you have accepted an offer, your solicitor or conveyancer will manage the process through to completion. Remember that neither you nor the buyer is legally committed to the sale until signed contracts are actually exchanged.

Obtain Title Deeds and Land Registry information. Complete the questionnaire of property information Prepare draft contract. Answer buyers solicitors additional enquiries. Obtain redemption figures from mortgage lender. Agree exchange and completion dates. Receive fee accounts and prepare financial statements. Confirm that funds have been received and authorise release of keys.

For further information or for a personal discussion about selling your property, please contact. Jack Harvey on 0208 337 7444

Why should you consider Jack Harvey Estate Agents?

Our small team have over 40 years combined property experience and extensive local knowledge

  • We can guarantee a professional yet personal service
  • We are committed to keeping customers informed at every stage of negotiations and providing realistic advice throughout
  • We are community focused
  • State of the art technology
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